In a Nut Shell

Rlk Designs is a small graphic/website design firm that provides designs of any shape or size. Our current location is in Parkers Prairie, MN. We are made up of a small group of experts that specialize in our own areas to provide our clients with a solid powerhouse design team. Our methods and development process is quite simple to follow and our constant updates assure that you will never feel in the dark. We strongly value our ongoing relationship with our clients because we truly understand that within their success lies our own. Rlk Designs goes the extra mile with our clients and deliver a quality product. Below are some of the many reasons to us a shot.

Rising Above

There are many reasons why you should choose Rlk Designs. But the real question should be, “What can we do for you that a local or larger design firm can’t do?”

With so many talented graphic/web designers this is the question people should be focusing on.

We at Rlk Designs, know that having a killer portfolio and a load of testimonials is great but a successful design business needs to have more. They must be professional, yet personable. This can often be a rare combination as a larger business tends to be professional but pumps out websites quickly rather than being carefully created with your continual feedback. On the other hand, freelancers are usually quite personable but often lack professionalism and customer service skills.

Affordability combined with awesome communication ensures that you are receiving high quality designs for a very reasonable cost. Please take a look at our services section to find out the latest services available.  We take pride in our designs and we want you to feel like you had a strong influence in the creative process.

Your time is important, and we understand that it is our job to update you frequently on the status of your project. People have deadlines to meet and a developer should make your life easier. We also understand that all companies require excellence to succeed. Rlk Designs will always endeavor to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations to build on that relationship.

Our full refund policy is a testament to our confidence in providing you with excellent service an a quality product. If a business can not stand behind such a policy then they do not believe in their craft. However, if you are unsatisfied with our designs and development, your deposit will be returned in full, no hassles, no fuss. We would like to stress that this has never happened before and we will always go the extra mile to ensure it stays that way.

Ongoing work is rewarded with Rlk Designs. Some companies treat you as if you are a new client every time you ask them to do a new design project. We value your loyalty and ongoing relationship, and we reward it as such. Discounts, complimentary gifts, bonus packages and other benefits are just some of the ways that we acknowledge our long-term clients.


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