How much does it cost?

That is the million dollar question. Unfortunately, We can’t just shoot out a number without truly knowing the gravity and depth of your project. With some details on your project, it is our pleasure to provide you with a no-obligation quote. We also suggest your browse through our services and promotions to get a better idea of what we have to offer as the “Starter” and “Business” packages do include a price.

If I accept your quote, how does this work?

When you decide that Rlk Designs is suitable for your design needs and after the provided quote is accepted, a contract with each parties guidelines will be produced and asked to be signed. This contract will be a reference point for the procedure of the design process and what can you expect from Rlk Designs.

Afterwards, 30% of the quoted amount along with the return of the signed contract are required to start the design project (this is a standard design process). You will be provided with updates and asked to critique design concepts sent to you before moving further into the process.

Websites will be built on our servers with a link given to you to follow the process. For mobile applications you can follow the progress via TestFlight. Once the designs and development has been approved, we ask for the remaining amount before you are given the source code or the website is migrated (if you so choose) to the web host of your choosing.

What if I don't like your designs?

Well, that hasn’t happened yet. The Rlk Designs team does all that it can to ensure we are on the right track and ask that you play an interactive role in the design process. But in the event that the client is totally dissatisfied with the results, even after a numerous amount of edits and changes, we will refund your down payment in full. No hassles, no delays.

What about after sales service?

In the event that you have a glitch or technical problem with your website or mobile application made by Rlk Designs, we will fully cooperate in an immediate resolution up to 30 days. If you require changes made to content or website management, then there may be an extra charge. We normally build Word Press sites and using these types of sites make it very simple for site owners to make changes to text, images, logos and more.

The same goes for any sort of graphic design. Keep in mind we will do our best to satisfy your needs. We want your repeat business, so they next time you need an upgrade we want you to come to us!

Why should I choose Rlk Designs?

Professional, personable and affordable is a perfect combination of traits.

Unlike other design firms, we include you in on the process from day one. You play an interactive role on our team. We will offer up ideas, suggestions and recommendations along the way but it will be an excellent learning experience for everyone.

Rlk Designs has worked with such organizations as Activision, Harvard Medical, Brightidea Inc., CNN and many other global brands. Large corporations or small business, each is different to us and each offers their own unique experiences. But both are equally important and requires the utmost attention.

We want to part of you continuing success, we want to help you build those bridges to meet your goals. We want long-term business relationships and we invite you to become a part of that. Don’t take our word for it, please view our past client testimonials and our portfolio.