CompCensus Gamification

Client CompCensus  is a company located in Boston, U.S.A. that is building a website for people to compare occupational statistics from around the world. Challenge CompCensus approached us and asked if we could come up with a way to make sharing and researching information fun for the user. Basically, they needed some gamification elements to their… Details

Awakening – Landing Page

Client Awakening is a campaign by a group of young entrepreneurs from Germany. They consult people to help build happier lives and greater wealth. Challenge Their new campaign was about to launch and they needed a very simple, yet elegant and insightful landing page to market their free report. It would collect interested parties’ email addresses.… Details


Client NRVW is a corporation situated in Chicago, U.S.A. They deal with warranties for luxury or recreational vehicles. Challenge NRVW was looking for a logo that embodied trust, luxury, value and stability. This logo had to be used on a variety of marketing media. Solution We put together a concept that was immediately praised. The symbol… Details

Principle Ireland

Client Principle Ireland is a business consulting firm located in Dublin, Ireland. PI specializes in corporate legal matters with importing and exporting goods. Challenge Principle Ireland wanted to use the Phoenix as symbol to represent vitality, strength, continuance and passion. The needed to incorporate this in their logo and in a method that would be versatile.… Details


Client Veritiq is a large software engineering and consulting corporation located in Silicon Valley, California, U.S.A. Challenge Veritiq came to use with the request of a new logo that would be bold, clean, that would symbolize longevity and be easily recognizable. Solution We came up with a ton of concepts but the management at Veritiq really… Details