Awakening is a campaign by a group of young entrepreneurs from Germany. They consult people to help build happier lives and greater wealth.


Their new campaign was about to launch and they needed a very simple, yet elegant and insightful landing page to market their free report. It would collect interested parties’ email addresses.


We decided we would use beautiful landscape image as a backdrop to suggest a longing for freedom and tranquility that most people lack in their lives. The idea was that the given knowledge bring this peace.

The Result

The idea was a hit and with some marketing and SEO, the landing page received 78 000 email sign-ups within a few month. The message was simple, it was suggested if the user get the free report and lead a happy life. No hype, no gimmick text… just a simple message. Afterward, the German group was able to get 25% of those sign-ups to purchase a consulting software package at a value of $800.00. Yes, that’s almost 16 million.